Create employee and company cards
for your business — fast and effective.

Borderless Multi-Currency Cards

Coming soon

Queue up to be among the first to get our cards upon release.

Pay anywhere, anytime

Create and activate your card in minutes
Our virtual cards are activated instantly. Set yours up and start making purchases right away.
Keep track of your team budget
Monitor your expenses in real-time or set total spend limits to always be on budget.
Forget about global expenses
Use your multi-currency card to make international transactions with zero fees.

Be free to grow your business

Create new cards — fast and simple
Instantly create new virtual cards for your team to start using them immediately.
Save on foreign services and business travel
Profitable exchange rates and no international transaction fees.
Guarantee prompt decision making and freedom of movement for your team
Team members with their own cards will have more opportunities no matter the location.

Control and monitor your card payments

Keep all your team spendings in check
Watch and choose which currencies are available, set spending limits and allowed merchant types.
Be aware of unexpected expenses
Set up automatic notifications on any unusual purchases outside of your usual spending scenarios.
Manage all your cards through company account
Change spend limits, hold or revoke card access via versatile online platform.
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